From 1973 to Present:

Celebrating 40 Years of God's Faithfulness

Established in 1973 as a ministry in Tampa, Florida, TCA has grown through the years.  In 1990, the need to expand our ministry led us to sell our church and school property and relocate to beautiful Dade City, Florida. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary. 

In 1973, we were introduced to Accelerated Christian Education. The curriculum and services of Accelerated Christian Education have provided a high level of learning for our students. The A.C.E. program provides biblically structured curriculum with academic excellence. The program provides many learning aids and on-line courses. 

Furthermore, Accelerated Christian Education provides for Jr. State, Regional, and International competitions annually. TCA has been a participating school in these competitions since 1975 and continues to be involved.  God has richly blessed our students all through the years in their participation with thousands of other students.  In 2004, our students were the winners of the Bible Bowl competition and won an International® bus for the school.  To God be the glory! To attend the competition is a highlight for every participant. Please see ACE for more exciting views regarding the competitions.

​Academic excellence where

Christ makes the difference