​Academic excellence where

Christ makes the difference


Keeping our Minds and Tools Sharp,

Our Hearts and Vision Refreshed

Committed to growing in and enhancing our service to students, our staff regularly attend inservice training whose different areas of focus span from educational leadership to learning center procedures to best helping students with special needs and abilities. We depend on Accelerated Christian Education's excellent array of training events, such as the Christian Educators' Convention, Supervisor's Training, and Administrators' Training. 

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Committed, Caring, & Exemplary

All of our staff are committed Christians, leading by example, seven of whom are themselves graduates of TCA and are now serving in the ministry. As our curriculum and extra-curricular activities emphasize godly character development, our teachers serve our students as models of Christian character as they express Christ’s love.

They support, take part in, and lead devotions in the opening sessions of each day. During the weekly chapel service, our students, too, participate in a school choir, present music specials, and most of all, receive an uplifting message together with our staff. As the word of God is presented and praise songs sung in weekly chapel services, our staff seeks to maintain the godly and loving atmosphere at school during and after school hours.