A Note from the Administration:

Welcome to

Torchbearers' Christian Academy!

The purpose of the ministry of TCA is to touch the individual heart of each student with the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  The staff at TCA is committed to providing a wholesome, safe, and Godly environment for every student to grow academically, socially, and in their relationship with the Lord.

I am thankful for the privilege of witnessing the academic, social, and spiritual growth of the young men and ladies from year to year. TCA has been a small part of so many starting in our childcare advance through high school, graduating with high honors. They are now productive in their chosen professions, in fulfilling the plans that God has purposed for their lives.

Our collective heart is blessed watching students grow from little eager learners into productive young adults, going forth with a solid foundation in the knowledge of Christ and advancing with confidence in their academic learning.

All the smiles and hugs from the little lambs make a day fun.  Most of all, to hear them sing of the wonders of God, lifting up their voices in praise, is truly joy unspeakable!

What an honor it is to be able to work with caring and loving parents, as you endeavor to direct your children in right choices!

God bless you for considering TCA for your child’s learning future.

His servant in reaching the hearts of the young,

 TCA School Administration

​Academic excellence where

Christ makes the difference